Saturday, January 28, 2012

Skincare 101

With new products hitting the shelves continually the world of skincare can be a bit overwhelming and finding the right regimen can seem an insurmountable task. Here are 10 tips and tricks that have proven useful in my quest for healthy skin that may help you navigate your way through the world of skincare.

1.    Know Thy Skin:  Determine your skin type and skin issues correctly. Determine your skin type, tone, level of sensitivity etc…
2.    Select the right products for you: Choose products that suit your skin type and address your skin issues. Tip: Just because it works for someone else does not mean it's right for you.
3.    Do not try to tackle all issues at once: For instance you might want to deal with the acne first before taking on your issues with hyper-pigmentation.
4.    Seek professional help if possible: There are so many reasons why you may be experiencing breakout or dull skin that cannot be easily diagnosed; hormones, underlying illnesses etc… So seek expert advice if you can.
5.    Do your own research: Do not take any one person word for it, yes, even if he or she is a licensed doctor. Research products and treatment methods before using, and even research the professionals themselves.
6.    Do not feel obliged to buy the whole line: Many products will state something to the effect that to get the best results you have to use the other products in the line …meh… that is not always true. In my case this has never been true. Many brands make one or two very effective products then use the success of these products to sell us duds. So customize your regimen to suit you; feel free to experiment and mix and match, selecting the best of best from each brand or line. Tip: Ask for a sample before you buy.
7.    Be patient: When you add a new product to you regimen or start a new routine give it a few weeks before you decide whether it is working or not. My rule of thumb is three to four weeks.
8.    Stop picking: I know this is a bad habit that is difficult to break. Try to remember that picking and touching your face with dirty hands will make your skin issues worst. Let the horror of permanent scars scare you into keeping your hands off your face. Tip: Remember to clean your cell phone and headsets with an antibacterial regularly.
9.    Be Healthy: Healthy skin starts from within. Help your body fight off free-radicals and regenerate healthy skin cells by improving your diet, exercising, and getting lots of rest. Tip: Be sure to include nuts, fruits, fish oil, and veggies in your diet.

10.  Drink water: There is a good reason why you have heard this a million times; it helps A LOT!

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