About Me

I am a self-proclaimed modern-day nomad with an affinity for all things fabulous. I am from the Caribbean, but currently reside in Moscow, Russia. My innate case of wanderlust has so far led to me residing in six different countries, visiting numerous others, and an insatiable appetite for travel; I am always planning my next trip. My passions in life are travel, fashion, music, movies, cultures, and cuisines.

I started this blog because during my journeys I realized that we all have a story worth sharing. My hope is that the stories, opinions, and ideas shared here will inspire others to see the beauty of life.

About A Few of My Favorite Things…
The objective of this blog is to discuss the bits and baubles, tips and tricks, and other little things that make life interesting.
Unlike many other blogs, A Few of My Favorite Things is not focused on any one subject area, but instead embraces the spice of life; variety. Here we discuss a myriad of subjects including beauty and skincare, fashion, travel, and entertainment.
Despite the inevitable bee stings of life we always have a few favorite things that make life special and interesting.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing in this experience with me.

xoxo Ree Van D
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