Monday, January 16, 2012

La Mer :)

Émulsion De La Mer ‘Moisturizing Lotion’
Crème De La Mer ‘Moisturizing Cream (LOVE)
Baume De La Mer ‘eye balm intense’

*I know these products are ridiculously expensive but they work so well I can’t help myself ….

The Moisturizing cream does wonders for the areas of my skin that are dry. The worst area is around my mouth, which gets tight and flaky particularly during the winter. Because I use so little (with La Mer a little goes a looooong way) the 1 oz container lasts me 8 – 10 months. The way I see it, I could spend roughly the same amount testing and throwing away cheaper lotions that aren’t as effective or I can stick with something that works. This does not mean that I am not interested in finding a cheaper alternative, because I AM! If you know of any please share.
It is extremely difficult for me to find a moisturizer that I can use during the summer or warmer months that will not cause breakouts. Most just sit atop my oily skin, clog my pores, and cause my foundation to slide right off my face. So the Moisturizing Lotion has been a real treat for me. It moisturizes, but does not leave me greasy, because it absorbs quite nicely.
The Eye Balm Intense is my least favorite of the La Mer products. It works okay, but I think there should be better eye creams out there. So I am in the market for a new eye cream, one that helps with puffiness and dark circles … any suggestions?

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