Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Clarins Baume Beauté Eclair “Beauty Flash Balm”

This is another product that surprised me because it worked! It did exactly what it says on the package; Brightens &Tightens, and then some.

I bought this because I was searching for a primer/base to apply before my foundation. I tried several brands, including M·A·C and MUFE, but they just could not cope with my oily skin. My foundation would basically slide off my face after a few hours, plus I would get breakouts L
As a primer, the Beauty Flash Balm helps me achieve a smooth finish. I dab a tiny drop onto a clean face then immediately apply my foundation. My results; a silky, dewy finish.
However, this is not a miracle product that is going to magically keep your foundation in place all day. You will still have to 1) apply a foundation that is suitable for your skin type and 2) set your foundation with powder. If your skin is as oily as mine, you might also have to blot ever so often. But at least your foundation will last for as long as you want it to (within reason).
If you are searching for a primer Beauty Flash Balm is worth a try.

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