Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LUSH “Pink Clouds” Bath

I love LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars. I also enjoy mixing and experimenting to get the results I want. So, I added three LUSH products to create Pink Clouds; a pink bath with lots of soft white bubbles, moisture, and an incredibly sweet scent.

For this bath I use:
1/3 The Comforter Bubble Bar
1/2 Creamy Candy
1/2 Mmmmelting Marshmallow
And of course a bath tub and warm water  

The Comforter Bar creates the fluffy bubbles and pink water, the Cream Candy add the sweet smell, and the Mmmmelting Marshmallow, infused with almond oil and cocoa butter, adds the moisturizer.

I crush all the bars with my hand and spread the crumbs at the bottom of the tub. I use the shower faucet to jet water on to the crumbs so they soften and start melting.

I turn on the tap and full the tub with warm water. Add my favorite candles and voila; a bath fit for a queen.

The scent sticks to the skin and the moisturizer leave it very soft; great for replenishing the moisture dried out by winter’s cold dry air. As an added bonus the sweet scent linger in the bathroom for days J
Do you have a fave LUSH recipe? Please share :)
*To seal in the moisture apply your favorite body butter or cream immediately after the bath.

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