Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Up Your Makeup Game

In the past to achieve a professional makeup-look you had to, well, hire a professional. But times have changed and now more than ever it is easier for ordinary folks like you and me to step out looking like we just had a consult with a makeup pro. We have access to not only the same quality of makeup used by the experts, but also to their tools, techniques, and *gasp* trade secrets!!! The best part is that it is the very pros who are spilling the beans on makeup and how we can make it work for us.

So how do you go about improving your makeup skills? Simple, research and experimentation.

Your first step is finding the source of the information; books, magazines, DVD’s, blogs, suppliers’ websites, and my personal favorite, YouTube. Once you have gathered the information you need, you should try experimenting on yourself and even others if they are crazy enough to let you. This is where the age-old saying comes into play, “Practice makes perfect”.
With practice you will enhance you makeup application skills as well as learn what works for you and what does not.

Here are a few basic tips:
v  Identify your skin undertone and the colors that look best on you.

v  Choose your sources wisely.

v  Start building your collection by buying affordable, yet professional tools and beauty supplies (Your sources will guide you to the best and those within your budget).

v  Learn how to care for the makeup and tools you buy. This is an investment and you do not want to waste money by damaging your products before you get the chance to enjoy them.

v  Do not give into the hype. Do not buy products simply because it’s the new trend. Instead buy products you need; the things that will enhance your makeup collection.

v  Take advantage of free in-store make-up application. Don’t just take his or her word for it that “this” will look great on you; let the representative prove it by applying it :D

v  Do not be afraid to ask for samples so that you can test the product on you own terms.

v  Read the reviews before you buy. It is common to find mixed reviews; some love it while some hate it. So learn to read between the lines. Find out why persons feel the way they do about the product and use that as you guide.

v  Try to find a makeup guru who is close to your skin-tone; this way you get a good idea of how certain products will look on you.

v  Remember to take care of your skin; makeup looks best on a healthy canvas.

v  Lastly, if you fail, try, try again. Just keep at it till you achieve the look you want.

A Few of My Favorite YouTube MUA’s and Gurus:

For techniques and trade secrets:
·         Wayne (gossmakeupartist). I call Wayne “the all-knowing one” because he knows everything there is to know about makeup and he shares it all!

For makeup tutorials:
·         Jackie (lilpumkinpie05)
·         XXTheIslandBeautyXX
·         Nini (niniluvsmakeup)
·         Jennie (Beautybyjj)

For inspiration:
·         Naya (MakeUpByNaya). Naya is the Da Vinci of makeup. She is a true artist and I am always in awe of her creations.

For reliable product reviews:
·         Crystal (Crystalis007). Crystal really is the 007 of the beauty world. She is continually trying out new stuff and providing information on how well they measure up to marketers’ claims.

*Keep this in mind always; No one is perfect, even makeup artists falter. Just do your best J


  1. This is a very good post. Keep reiterating the clean face/taking care of your skin.


    1. Thanks for stopping by hon :) ... Perhaps I should "bold" that line, because having healthy skin is really important when trying to achieve flawless makeup.