Monday, April 2, 2012

O.P.I Slightly Peached Pink Nail Look

In between my Shellac appointments (obsessed), I try to polish my own nails. I have found that with mixing and matching different colors and textures I can create unique hues and cute looks. Here is my go-to nail look; it is a quick-and-easy-goes-with-almost-any-outfit-kinda-look J

I use:
OPI Start-to-Finish Base & Top Coat NT T71 (I ♥ multi-taskers)
OPI I Think in Pink NL H38 (a rich baby pink)
OPI Pink Before You Leap NL B34 (pink with fine glitter)

1)    Apply a coat of Start to Finish Base & Top Coat.

2)    Apply a coat of I Think in Pink.

3)    Apply a coat of Pink Before You Leap.

4)    Finish with a coat of Start-to-Finish Base & Top Coat.

*Wait a few minutes between each coat to allow the polish to dry.
Depending on how the light hits your fingers, you will see an iridescent peachy pink color.

The glitter in Pink Before You Leap will help extend the wear of this look. I normally do not start chipping till about 4 to 5 days after polish.

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