Friday, March 23, 2012

Figs & Rouge lip, face & body balm

The little tin that keeps on giving.

These balms come in the cutest retro tins. At 0.60 oz and 0.26 oz they are the perfect size to tote around in your purse and are pretty enough to put on display on your desk at work.
Inside the pretty tins are 100% of organic goodness. On the lips and body the balm is soothing and nourishing. It is not greasy yet quite moisturizing.

Wild Cherry and Pomegranate have sweet fruity scents, and Rambling Rose has a soft floral scent.
I have been using these since early January and I am absolutely addicted! I keep Wild Cherry (my favorite) in my study, Pomegranate on my bedside table, and Rambling Rose  in a small pouch I carry around in my purse.
Rambling Rose 8ml/0.26 oz.

Wild Cherry with Sweet Orange 17ml/0.60 oz.
Usually, I keep a small hand cream, cuticle oil, and lip balm on my bedside table. I have replaced all three products with my tin of Pomegranate. I apply a small amount to my lips, hands, and cuticles every night.
Pomegranate 17ml/0.60 oz.
At first I was a bit squeamish about having to stick my finger into the pot, but I got over that quickly. My only hang-ups on these balms are that they do not contain SPF or UV protection and that they are not long-lasting when used as a lip balm. I find that I have to reapply quite frequently; certainly more often than I would with my longtime favorite, plain old Chap Stick. However, I really like Wild Cherry and Pomegranate and will continue to buy both.

I also want to try Coco Vanilla.

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