Friday, March 23, 2012

Sacha Eye Shadow Palettes

If I had to list my must-have makeup products my Sacha neutral eye shadow palette would be at the very top. I bought the neutral and color palettes about three years ago* in Antigua. I liked them so much that I bought two more of each and gave them as gifts.

The shadows in both palettes are very pigmented, which I like because the colors are visible against my darker skin tone. They are also powdery; meaning they are not too dense and difficult to work with.
Neutral Palette
Color Palette
I fell in love with neutral palette right away and it’s one of the two eye shadow palettes (the other is my MAC pro-palette) I take with me every time I travel. It is light and compact enough, plus I rarely experiment with bright colors when I’m home so I doubt I will be doing so when I travel. I have not found another gold or dark purple that match my two favorite colors in the neutral palette, nor have I found another gold and dark purple that suit my skin tone so nicely.
Colors from the neutral palette
I really do recommend the neutral palette because I think it is good value for money. I admit the packaging is not the best and should be improved (perhaps this has already been done), but I would certainly buy this palette again.
From the color palette - looks even brighter in person!
*I know three years is the “shelf life” of eye shadows but I figure I can get a few more months of use from these before I toss them. I disinfect my eye shadows often and I am the only one using them so I am not worried about a buildup of germs/bacteria.

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