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My Favorite Lip Treatments & Balms (Winter Skincare Series)

 “Hi Everyone, my name is Ree and I am addicted to Lip Balm” lol

I admit, I have way more lip balms than I need; you can find them all over my home, and I keep spares in every bag. I am always willing to try new ones, but there are three that I have purchased repeatedly (1) Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex, (2) M.A.C. Lip Conditioner, and (3) L’Occitane Ultra Rich Lip Balm.
Before I describe these products and explain why they are my favorites, I would like to share my opinion on the difference between a lip balm and lip treatment. To me, a lip balm, be it a petroleum based or natural oil based product, is designed to create a protective shield against the elements and seal in moisture. A lip treatment goes beyond the benefits of a balm and contains ingredients that infuse nourishment as well as helps to heal irritation of lips. Of course, some balms also serves as lip treatments, but in my experience most are simply moisturizers.
1.      Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex 1.75ml €30.45
This product was recommended to me two years ago by an esthetician in The Netherlands. She asked that I try out this new product she just got and let her know how I felt about it. So she gave me a few samples of the Renewal Lip Complex and I have been a loyal customer since then.

To me, this is way more than a balm; Renewal Lip Complex  is a lip treatment. I use this at nights before bed, and then again in morning. Although you can apply it throughout the day, I prefer not to, because I do not need to, plus this baby is not cheap so why waste it. Twice a day is enough to infuse enough nourishment to last all day. I also rarely use this during the warmer months, but absolutely will not be caught without it during the winter.
It has a subtle sweet-scent, goes on clear, and gives the lips a glossy appearance. It dries to a natural sheen, and is not sticky or runny, so you can wear it under lipsticks. As a sucker for good packaging, I find this silver, sleek tube quite appealing. The applicator is ingenious; the top is shaped like a lipstick and has 6 tiny openings. So you twist, a small amounts comes out, and you glide on the rich, nourishing treatment.

2.     L’Occitane Ultra Rich Lip Balm 5g €6.50
Like Renewal Lip Complex, my first sample of this product was free. I received  a tube (5g) during a promotion at a L’Occitane outlet last winter.  Since then I have bought two more tubes because I absolutely love this product.

Like the name implies, this is a rich, creamy balm that goes on smooth and coats the lips when applied. It protects the lips from cold, dry winter air, and with 10% Shea butter it is very moisturizing. It has a light sweet-scent like the other products in the Ultra Rich line.
Now let’s talk about the packing; it is designed as a solid stick in a twist tube. The tube is stark white and not at all stylish. Basically, it looks like a regular stick of lip balm (boring!). I think such a superb product deserves more attractive presentation.
Note. If your new tube has a hard, waxy top layer, simply scrape it off to get to the good stuff J
3.     M.A.C Lip Conditioner 15ml €15.00
M.A.C Lip Conditioner is my every season, any occasion lip balm. I use it all year-round and I have never ran out of this stuff since I first started using it. At first  it came in the form of a stick, I am not certain if it has been discontinued but I have not been able to find the stick for nearly two years.  I preferred the stick because it contained SPF but, the tube equally moisturizing.

The tube contains a sweet creamy balm that is very easy to smooth on. It gives a glossy finish and true to its word, conditions the lips. Also true is M.A.C’s claim that the Lip Conditioner is “not goopy” and I can attest that it is not sticky or icky like some cream balms. The packaging is simple, but sleek and effective. The slanted applicator makes for easy application.
I received a generous sample of the of the Lip Conditioner SPF 15 which comes in a 15ml container this summer at a M.A.C counter in El Corte Inglés, Barcelona. I used it throughout my vacation, loved it, and immediately went in search of it upon my return to Moscow. Unfortunately, it is not available here so I have been cherishing my little sample, saving it for my next sunny vacation.

Worth Mentioning …
  • L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter
I already mentioned this product in My Top 3 Body Butters post, but just in case you missed here is a brief description: L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter is a exactly what the name says; pure Shea butter. It’s quite thick yet quite easy to apply; simply warm it up with your hands. It can be used on the “face, lips, hair and body” (L’Occitane). This product has a very subtle, barely-there scent.  It is available in a handy 8ml tin for € 6.50.
  • A Wash Cloth
One method to help rid the lips of dead, dry skin and prepare your them to receive the full benefits of  emollients  in your lip balm or treatment is to use a damp wash cloth. I use a wash cloth about once a week (usually when I do a face mask application) to slough away dried skin from my lips. I simply wipe my lips with a damp wash cloth and the dead cells peel right off without irritating my lips. 
Be sure to catch the next blog post in this series, “My Secret Regimen for Super-Soft, Silky Skin”, due November 21st, 2012.
Thanks for reading,
xoxo Ree van D

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